Göppl Gruppe

Quality and environmental policy of Nutzfahrzeuge & Fahrzeugbau Göppl GmbH

As a service-oriented company, we are committed to the protection of employees and the environment, respecting customer wishes, a systematic management and an open information policy.

As a company, we take special responsibility for the quality of our products and services, for our employees, the public and our natural environment. We have anchored specific action principles in our corporate policy that apply for each employee.

The protection of the environment and ensuring the health of our employees are also an important factor to improve the competitiveness of our company in economic terms. Environmental protection not only saves costs but also increases the legal security and the performance of the entire organisation of our company via improved processes and procedures.

The social and environmental perspective is especially important and a success factor for the Göppl GmbH - including the general organisation of the operation. Our 3 management systems: Quality, environment and safety are a basic requirement. The issue of environmental management has become an important performance indicator for operational processes and the organisation of our company.

In order to meet the requirements of an IMS and our own objectives, we have set up a management system that is described in our manual. We include the requirements for a quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008), and an environmental management system (DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004). The aspect of "job safety" is explicitly applied in the company as an integrated management system.

The relevant system documentation is a mandatory working basis for all executives and employees of Göppl GmbH. In addition, the management manual can provide the customers, authorities or other external interested parties an overview of the achievements of our company in the field of quality management, environmental protection and work safety.


Environmentally aware working according to ISO 14001

Environmental protection and recycling have been practised for years at Göppl.
Another step was the environmental certification ISO 14001 in December 2002.

An integrated management system was designed and certified together with the already existing quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9001. The highest possible protection of natural resources and the least possible burden on the ecological cycles are important components and specifications and are included in every stage of our daily work.

We can only achieve our objective in this way: An environmentally friendly future.

All of this is coordinated and supervised by our employee, Mr. Ewald Schaar. Mr. Schaar is a trained service representative for waste and water conservation, environmental auditor, and quality management auditor.